Why exhibit?

BFM-Best Friends Milano

Why exhibit?

 BFM-Best Friends Milano: the most desired event for animal lovers. Shops, education, companies, associations, veterinary doctors, red carpets for everyone, workshops, field performances and much more for the first and largest exhibition in Italy that will make you fall in love



TO BFM-Best Friends Milano

Growing market

Every second person in Italy has a pet. We are talking about 64.7 million animals with a turnover of at least EUR 5 billion in food alone, a figure that has doubled in the last three five years.

Being a protagonist

Why it is important to be a protagonist in the biggest 6-legged community ever. The event where you are not a person with an animal in tow, but a pair of pet lovers!

Love for animals

Because it is an event that comes from those who love animals, live them every day, and work every day to give a name to this passion. It is like the symphony of a new world, with animals as citizens of the third millennium.


It will be a three-day event dedicated to pet lovers, entrepreneurs, companies, to promote the meeting between the market, the pet economy, and the pet world. 


 10.000 pets


 30.000 pet lovers


 250 breeders


 20.000 square meters of exhibition space


Meet pets, pet lovers, companies, breeders, dog centers, veterinarians, sports professionals, hygiene experts, charities, independent stylists, Made in Italy fashion brands, designers and companies of pet-friendly homeware, ambassadors, and pet influencers.