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BFM-Best Friends Milano


Do you really think you know everything about your pet?

Having a pet is a one-time experience that remains a lifetime. All pets are unique and irreplaceable, find out how you can get to know them even better!

"I already had a cat.....""I already had dogs." "I had little birds as a child." Having lived with an animal is a unique experience that remains for a lifetime. But not all animals of the same species are the same. It would be like expecting human brothers and sisters to be similar even in terms of character. There may be a few similarities, but no one will be an exact copy of the other. 



EVERY PET IS UNIQUE AND ONE OF A KIND - Let's start right from the character of our pet: its "personality" is both physical and temperamental. Each individual has a personal history, given by his past and present experiences. Knowing where he comes from helps us tremendously to understand his needs and reactions toward his peers and humans. Secondly, whether it is a crossbreed or a purebred pet, the genetic history of its breed, or of the set of several breeds, the memory of a behavior, make a difference. And there will be needs that will always come up again, ready to remind us of what over the centuries all has been accumulated as the heritage of its descendants. Best Friends Milano will help you make the right choice. 



LEARNING TO UNDERSTAND - BFM - Best Friends Milano will offer stimulating and enjoyable workshops in which to challenge your pet, with educational moments and counseling. There will be exciting talks to fully discover the needs of your pet's species. You'll have veterinary doctors to help guide you toward your pet's well-being, both behaviorally and health-wise. Experts from food and accessory brands will know how to build a tailored suit for both nutrition and leisure. 



TEACHING CHAIR - To help young children but also families, as well as schools, stimulating learning paths will be arranged. With the schools in the months before BFM -  Best Friends Milano, playful and ethical educational moments will be held to deepen their knowledge of dogs and cats, while in the spaces of Fiera Milano, Rho it will be possible to take the pleasant course to obtain the Junior Patentino promoted by Fnovi, the National Federation of the Order of Veterinarians. 



RODENTS AND NOT ONLY - Whether your best friend is a rodent, a hamster, or a rabbit, that is a lagomorph, you will have the specialists who can give you the "tips" to care for them and create spaces in your home for their play, food, and well-earned rest. 



MAKE AND DISMADE - The workshops will be a testing table for you to play with your manual dexterity and make not only useful household items about your pet, but also to build games with your hands to keep your dog's, cat's, or rabbit's mind engaged. 



RICH WITH BEST FRIENDS MILANO- As you have come to understand, when you leave the spaces of BFM - Best Friends Milano, you go home prepared and informed. Understanding the language of our beloved pets makes all the difference. Learning how we can be even happier together and realize the dream of having the pet we desire by our side is the opportunity BFM - Best Friends Milano gives you. Will you be able to miss it?