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BFM-Best Friends Milano


What kind of vacation is it without your pet?

If before it was our demand for pet-friendly facilities that sought the supply of six-legged-friendly hospitality, now the opposite can almost be said. The hospitality market declined to vacation and travel with pets is letting owners know they are there and can meet the needs of all passionate pet lovers. It will be a theme that will not be missed in the talks at BFM - Best Friends Milan!



STRUCTURES MADE TO MEASURE SIX PAWS - Hotels, agritourisms, b&b, and campsites have different offers: some prefer to create reserved spaces, with an enclosed garden for the exclusive use of our four-legged companions; some, on the other hand, place limits on the number of pets to be accommodated, indicating only small dogs; some propose a vacation with a swimming pool and play areas plus a reserved garden within a residence; others only have common play areas... The options are many, different, it's up to us to evaluate the one that best shapes our needs, and by needs we mean primarily those of the pet in our retinue.



I'M AT THE BEACH, CAN I GO SWIMMING? - For those who love a beach vacation, it really has to be said region you go, rules you find. There are regions and municipalities that welcome dogs on the beach, both free and paid; in some shorelines bathing is prohibited, in others, again, it is allowed but only in the early hours of the day and late afternoon. Finally, there are regions that allow dogs to swim in the sea without restrictions. If we have a water-loving pet, we therefore already know what to choose. Before evaluating a location, let's inquire at the municipality or harbormaster's office.



ON THE BEACH, WITH OR WITHOUT FENCING - More and more bathhouses are already welcoming animals, which also offer fenced beach spaces reserved for pets and their owners. We at BFM - Best Friends Milan promote them with flying colors. Not all dogs, in fact, are brought to stay still beside us under the umbrella. Not all of them have the temperament of the shepherd or molossoid, or small pet dogs, who stand by their owner.


Many friendly dogs have a very enterprising spirit, and their curiosity leads them to have a need to explore. Perhaps they love the beach but not bathing, so they prefer long walks and then enjoy relaxing in their enclosure next to us. In addition, the safety aspect must be considered for those dogs that are not classic retrievers, who live to bathe and play with the ball. There are more than 360 breeds, and mixed breeds are a rainbow of combinations. No dog can have the same needs as another.



IN THE MOUNTAIN - The walk at last! We wish all year round to spend leisure time together with our pet, in the fresh air. The mountains, which are a destination certainly appreciated by the dog, should always be approached with great care. Leash in hand at all times, we never let our pet go free. Both because the law forbids it and because, particularly in parks, it would disturb wildlife. We avoid steep and unfamiliar trails and stony grounds. 



THE TRANSPORT - The pet carrier, or kennel, is not a travel accessory. It is where our pet can travel safely, protected from bumps and where he can relax while we drive. Alternatively, one can certainly place the dog in the trunk of the car or strap him with a special seat belt in the back seat, but these are options that do not protect him from possible injury in the event of sudden braking or accidents. Plus, by getting our pet used to being in the carrier in good time, he will always feel at home. Let's inquire in case of an airplane flight, which kennel is required by the airline.



ON THE WEB SO MANY OFFERS - The Internet has been enriched with websites where you can view the most welcoming regions and facilities for pet lovers. Social media also offer numerous situations. Let us always evaluate them with caution. Let us rely on established and certified portals or travel or real estate agencies with solid experience. 



BEFORE TRAVEL, STEP BY THE VET - The veterinarian is the friend who will help us to prepare the vacation in the best possible way: let's check with him if the vaccination booklet is in order, if we are going abroad let's ask if rabies shots are necessary, and in time let's ask for the documents to be submitted to the asl for the veterinary passport with which we will be able to travel abroad without problems. For dogs suffering from motion sickness, that is, being sick while traveling, let's get advice from the veterinarian on how to remedy the problem.