NEWS - It is important to seek advice from your vet

BFM-Best Friends Milano


Vet advices are very important: always remember to ask him first!

What is the role of the veterinary doctor? Vet is the indispensable figure for your pet's well-being, which is why it is important to call him or her.

Bringing citizens, society, to look at the world through the eyes and heart of animals, to care for them and treat them in the best possible way, as BFM - Best Friends Milano likes to do: this is the role and mission of the veterinary doctor, an indispensable figure for the well-being of our pet. 



DON'T IMPROVE, CALL THE VETERINARY DOCTOR - Health is the primary asset for a pet, and addressing a problem right away in a timely and competent manner can save its life. The presence of veterinary doctors at BFM - Best Friends Milano was strongly desired by Fiera Milano Spa, as they are the guardians and guarantors of the health of those we care about most. They have the scientific expertise to deal with diseases, prevent illnesses and keep our beloved furry pets fit. The veterinarian knows how to point us to the correct vaccinations to prevent contagious diseases, they will mark the times to carry out booster shots, and they will tell us how to go about taking our pets abroad when traveling or on vacation, informing us about the health obligations of the countries we are going to. A periodic checkup will always protect us from nasty surprises. The veterinarian is our pet's best friend! 



ANIMAL HEALTH IS CIVIL - The country has faced an unprecedented health emergency in recent years, other priorities have been, but with the campaign against abandonment and the Junior Patentino, Fnovi has never lost sight of the natural centrality of the figure of the veterinary doctor. Where there is veterinary medicine, there is civility. Where there is commitment to the defense of human and animal safety, there is progress. It is civilization to prevent abandonment, it is civilization to prevent zoonoses, straying grows where there are deficits in welfare, in legality, in culture.  Veterinary doctors have never left us alone even when the situation was critical. Let us never forget that. 



ADVICE AT BFM - BEST FRIENDS MILAN - The veterinary doctor is an all-around expert in animal health. There is no better figure to ask for advice on the most suitable diet for our pets, depending on their age, their state of health, and their breed. At Best Friends Milan, the veterinarian will be present to propose the brand new Junior Patent, a tool to understand the dog, help the little ones to get to know him without problems, together with their parents or with teachers. It is a free course, accessible on the web, and at BFM -Best Friends Milano, Fnovi's veterinary doctors will be ready to explain how to access and obtain the fantastic Good Owner's Diploma for children who are visitors to the event.



THE VALUE OF LIFE - Fnovi's communication project reiterates that animal life is invaluable and that institutions in their mandate can and should educate and point the direction of civilization. There is an ancient and well-established relationship that binds us in a bond of friendship, goodness, compassion and sharing with our little or big animal friends, be they dogs, cats, fish, rodents, rabbits and so many other lovely companions in life.