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Living with your pet is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, which is why its management must be done in the best possible way! Find out how to do

Knowledge leads to respect for all forms of life. Living with animals is one of the most rewarding experiences one can have and one that one wishes to share, because they generate joy and well-being. But living together needs to be knowledgeable and, at times, needs to be guided, accompanied by expertise. The role of educators for both dogs and cats often becomes indispensable.



RELATIONSHIP IS JOY - Dog management, in particular, often definitively involves everyday life, changes the everyday, involves the whole family, and leads to significant levels of social relationships. But it is necessary to build alongside a choice, which is for a lifetime, also a path that is educational, training, prevention.


That's why at BFM - Best Friends Milan you will find workshops and spaces for consultations with dog educators and also feline educators who will listen to you and know how to give you the pointers to improve the relationship with your pet, suggesting what to do and how to bring to be the best companion for your dog and cat.  



ALWAYS PREVENT - The setting where the highest number of aggression occurs is in the family. You should never underestimate the signs of distress shown by a dog. It is important to be prompt, talk to your veterinarian and be referred to an educator or veterinary behaviorist to help our four-legged friend regain peace of mind. Let's not improvise educators and think it's the network that will give us the right answer.  



RESPECT THE PET'S LIVING - Sometimes we don't know the provenance and history of pets who come from distant places, whether through adoption or otherwise. It is always necessary to give our new friend time to acclimatize, but having a professional by our side who will point out rules and method for a proper introduction will make everything easier and more joyful. At BFM - Best Friends Milano, feline and dog educators will be available to give you a road map of the work to be done at home or perhaps to try right away in the field in the spaces created ad hoc at BFM - Best Friends Milano. Don't miss this opportunity, we are waiting for you!  



THE DOG, FIRST EDUCATOR, WITH ADULT SUPERVISORS - The dog is like an educator, it forgives us everything, it loves us always, it is a fantastic companion for life, for the child to play with, it has a relevant educational value its presence. It teaches us to take responsibility. But adult supervision is always needed, rules need to be given to the child who is not able to read and interpret animal language. The Junior Patent present at BFM - Best Friends Milan will help us manage the arrival of a dog in the family, learn the basics of canine communication, the mistakes not to make.  


In the little ones we stimulate more civic sense, we give moral values, so that when they are adults they can be better owners.