Pet daycare: an increasingly important and needed reality

BFM-Best Friends Milano


Can my pet experience kindergarten?

Test your pet's social skills and discover the space dedicated to simulating a kindergarten, where you can introduce your pet to a new life experience.

How can I balance the pleasure of living with a pet with my work and family life schedule? There is a solution; it is daycare for our pet. The dog is a social animal, he needs to be together with his peers, to play, to eat, to rest, to eat, to experience spaces in a network of relationships.



HIS FIRST TIME - Pet daycare centers have become an important and, indeed, often indispensable reality for the well-being of four-legged animals. There is always a first time, however, and the placement should be gradual and pleasant, not experienced traumatically. Let us always keep in mind that for the pet there is a detachment, and it must be accompanied so as not to live this fantastic experience as a kind of abandonment, but rather of playing with new fellow creatures.



THE TEST WITH BFM - BEST FRIENDS MILANO - BFM - Best Friends Milano offers you an interesting opportunity, you will in fact have a space dedicated to a kindergarten simulation, where you will learn how to approach your pet to a new and non-traumatic life experience, making it fun for him and useful for his growth, to make him safer and more serene. With BFM - Best Friends Milano this is possible because it is the event that puts the well-being of our animals first in the things to do and organize for the pet. Not only for dogs but also, if you wish, for the little felines at home!



A GARDEN IS NOT ENOUGH - Remember that a garden is not enough to make a four-legged animal happy. Happiness is not just a matter of space. It is the relationship and the time we spend with our pets that makes the difference. That's why experimenting with a daycare can make all the difference, and teach the pet how to coexist properly with its fellow animals, giving us the pleasure of seeing it fulfilled and satisfied.



DOING PET ACTIVITIES - The kindergarten experience at BFM - Best Friends Milano is an opportunity to test your pet's social skills, to help him integrate and interact in the best possible way. Alongside you will be educators to give you the advice and assess how to gradually try out the daycare placement over time. In these facilities, a very important element, your pet will get a lot of exercise. Often we are not able to devote as much time to walks. Motor activity is essential not only to meet physiological needs, but to discover the world, smell it, explore it. Daycare can be the answer and the solution when urban living times are too busy.