NEWS - Rules and tips for vacationing with your furry one

BFM-Best Friends Milano


My pet in the mountains or the sea. Are you a mountaineer or sailor?

Ready, here we go! After many months, the long-planned vacation finally arrives. No matter how long it lasts, what matters is that it is carefully prepared and pet-friendly! Today, facilities that welcome the presence of pets with their owners are growing rapidly, although the quality of the offer must always be carefully evaluated, starting with the needs of our pet.



THE RULES - Whether at the beach or in the mountains, there is no "free-for-all." The first rule is to have your beloved four-legged friend under control at all times. The leash is the basic, the muzzle as an accessory is sometimes required and mandatory; therefore, let's prepare ourselves in advance by preparing our friend to experience it as something natural if he has to wear it in a public transportation, in a place where it is required, such as it could be a cable car or other facilities, for example. 



TRAVEL SAFELY - Let's check the vaccination booklet, possibly rabies shots if we go abroad with the passport that the ASL issues, to be requested a few weeks before leaving. Let's not forget summer treatments against parasites, fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes and parasites. They are lifesavers! And let's get our pet used to traveling by car in a carrier. It will be safer and quieter, always.



THE SEA - Who doesn't like playing in the sand and diving into the sea? Or to the lake? There are pets that seem to be born to live at the beach, and others that are not at all. It is very important to give serious consideration to your pet's attitudes, eventual breed, temperament, and sociability with other animals. Remember that it is a priority to create conditions for a well-shaded, refreshing area with water always available. Beaches all have different arrangements. There are those where dogs and cats are allowed, perhaps with enclosures dedicated to them and their owners, others where they are forbidden, and still others where bathing is prohibited or only at certain times of the morning and evening. In short, the possibilities vary from region to region, from municipality to municipality. 


Salt water should be rinsed from our pet's coat, then well dried and brushed. Be careful not to let the sand be ingested, it is certainly not good for the dog's intestines! The best times for walks are in the morning, and in the late afternoon, when the sun is well tolerated and the air cooler. We leave a good memory of us, clean up dog droppings, walk around with a water bottle to rinse pee off the sidewalks, keep the dog close at all times, and don't use an extendable leash, which could cause problems when we are among people and other animals. A one-and-a-half meter leash, which can be doubled up to 3 meters, is more than enough to give freedom of movement while keeping the animal under control at all times, as, moreover, the relevant ministerial ordinance provides.



THE MOUNTAIN - Climbing dogs, your time of glory has come! It's time to start experiencing leisure time alongside our pet with long, relaxing walks. The rules that apply to a "sailor" dog frolicking at the beach are the same for a "climber" dog. The leash is our first safety. We never leave the pet alone, especially in nature areas or parks. Wild animals may be disturbed or worse, predatory instincts may resurface in our dog and chase wildlife. We cannot expose him to such a high risk for any reason in the world.


We avoid unmarked areas, stony grounds, places with dense vegetation.  We make sure that the dog does not venture inside hedges, woodsheds, potentially risky situations due to the presence of vipers or other animals that could prove dangerous to his safety. 


We always leave with an ample load of water, we do not expose the dog to long forced marches in the sun, we take breaks, in the shade, and we do not ask our life companion to endure jaunts that are beyond his reach. What matters is to be together, safely, in balance. With the right common sense, never overdoing it. Sharing a vacation with those we love is a wonderful experience for all pet lovers!