Remember: never leave your pet in the car when it's hot

BFM-Best Friends Milano


Don't leave your pet in the car. It is a crime and can be sick

We never leave our pet alone in the car when it is hot. The passenger compartment overheats in a very short time and can become an even deadly trap. 

IT IS A CRIME TO LEAVE PETS IN THE CAR - Precisely because it is dangerous, the practice of leaving pets in the car, especially for a long time, is prohibited by law. In fact, in Supreme Court ruling 36713/2021 of October 8, 2021, the judges reiterated that leaving one's dog in the car in prohibitive conditions or for hours is a crime of animal abuse (Article 544b of the Criminal Code). 



THE MUNICIPALITY OF ROME, AN EXAMPLE FOR ALL - The regulations of the city of Rome, for example, stipulate that "it is forbidden to leave animals closed in any motor vehicle and/or other vehicle in the sun from April to October each year; it is also forbidden to leave only animals closed, in motor vehicles and/or trailers permanently even if in the shade and with the windows open." In case of violation, a fine of up to 500.00 euros is triggered.



WHAT IF WE FIND SUFFERING PETS IN A CAR IN THE SUN? - We can run into situations like this, unfortunately: discovering one or more animals in distress and at risk of their lives in a car in the sun. What should and can we do? If possible, we look to see if the owner is nearby, to notify him immediately to open the vehicle. Otherwise, we call 112, emergency number. If we have witnesses, it is even better.  


Indeed, we should know that intervening in a "forceful" manner by damaging the window to save an animal's life does not constitute liability, but it is good to equip ourselves with evidence on the state of necessity such as, for example, by producing photos/videos and/or witnesses.