Discover the event that opens its doors to all pets!

BFM-Best Friends Milano


May I enter the fair with my dog?

How often do we want to attend an event but don't know whether to bring our dog with us? Don't worry, your four-legged friend is welcome!

Doors open to all pets! Dogs and cats are the undisputed protagonists of BFM - Best Friends Milano, their entrance to Fiera Milano, Rho is expected and desired with pleasure, because the event that combines shopping, education, dog and cat culture and other animals is tailored for all of them, no one excluded.



A TAILOR-MADE SPACE FOR YOUR PET - "I not only can, but must come in here" may be the leitmotif of the three-day BFM - Best Friends Milano. From workshops to learning spaces to the pet carpet or "try kindergarten", everything at BFM - Best Friends Milano is about welcome, health, and special brands that await the arrival of petmates to offer an unprecedented experience. Our pets are the protagonists as will be the special dogs who will perform for the enjoyment of children and adults alike, demonstrating how important are the sporting activities that increasingly bring us closer to specialties once reserved only for the few. Today, in fact, many disciplines such as agility or mobility or rally obedience are accessible to those who wish to get healthy exercise while also keeping their pet's mind trained. And a well-behaved dog and a responsible handler are the best ticket to open all doors!



A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT - Today, talking about animal access in public places seems obvious, but it is not at all. It is actually an achievement that has made endless progress. Until a decade ago, pets could not travel by train, for example. They could not cross the aisle of a carriage. In public offices their access was allowed only in the case of guide dogs. In restaurants they were banned, the same in many vacation facilities as well as in hospitals or schools. Today animals can frequent the subway, follow us into post offices, and even shopping malls. Within the rules of course: on a five-foot leash and, where required, with a muzzle on hand for safety.



OPEN DOORS - Slowly, the ever-increasing presence of animals in our lives has led society to welcome their entry where before it was forbidden. Those who administer and manage public affairs, but also private companies, have changed regulations and dropped outdated prescriptions in practice. Today, many hospitals wish that pets could go to dedicated rooms in wards to visit their hospitalized owners. Pet therapy has over time made people realize the healing value of the presence of animals in the wards. The same has happened in nursing homes where, in several cases, residents' pets are welcomed in spaces within the facilities themselves, allowing the elderly to be able to receive and give love to their four-legged friends. Schools are also organizing times to meet with the little ones in daycare centers, and Milan is pioneering this experiment, with dogs interacting with the little ones from an early age. These are wonderful achievements that should be seen as milestones in the new coexistence between us and all pets.