You are about to welcome a new pet, excitement running high! Are you ready?

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Is my home pet friendly?

When a puppy or new animal guest is about to arrive, excitement is running high! But have we taken care to welcome the new friend by placing him safely and with all the arrangements to ensure that he can live together without danger and problems? Will our home speak of him?

WE REASON WITH OUR PET'S HEAD - The advice is to consult with a veterinarian or educator whether feline or dog educator to get the information on the ethological needs of your new friend. Whether it is a purebred dog or cat whether it is a beautiful mixed breed, it is essential to know the needs of each. It is not enough to say, "I have had animals before." Not all animals are the same; in fact, not at all. They have different histories and personalities.



THE PUPPY - Having an animal at an early age is like managing a child of a few months or a few years old. The puppy also wants to explore, but he does so unaware of the risks and dangers that are lurking in the house as well as in the garden. So let's check all spaces, avoid objects and products that are dangerous to his health within reach. Let's inquire if we have plants that are poisonous to his health, what foods are to be avoided, and whether or not sockets and power cords are within his reach. We are careful not to leave rubber bands, ribbons, small and sharp objects around.



A SPACE OF ITS OWN - A pet friendly home begins with locating a comfortable space that is all its own, for your pet: its "bedroom" where it can rest, or play, even eat or wait confidently. It is very important not to leave it to chance to locate a quiet place, certainly not near a front door or near important passageways or under direct lights. Relaxation is a must. 


For the cat friend, there are scratch pulls of all sizes and comfortable kennels that allow him to be able to hide and rest as is ritual for the predator in him.  


For rodents, lagomorphs or birds rather than turtles or fish, let's get advice from experts, both to set up their cages comfortable, spacious and full of toys to stay fit as well as have food and water available. The same goes for aquariums and terrariums, which need to have the right size and filtration pumps that can ensure long term internal cleanliness. A pet friendly home starts with preparing "their home."



PLAY - Playing is learning and learning. It is for children as well as for dogs and cats. Play makes people grow up and become adults. But it is also important to do it together, without leaving too many objects around the house. A pet friendly home is tidy and has no abandoned toys. The more items on hand, the less attention we get from our friends. Play is also a resource and should be managed intelligently by the human leader.



BUY A HOME THAT SPEAKS ABOUT HIM - Every pet always has a place of honor in the home and not only because of the affectionate attention he deserves, but because at BFM - Best Friends Milano you can find all the most original items that speak about him, from furnishing accessories, to gadgets that make home details elegant. Visiting BFM - Best Friends Milano you can go shopping spending your time looking for items to personalize your home, garden, to make his relaxation corner more comfortable, for grooming and bathing after a busy outing and very country, for mind activation games that are important to keep his attention alive, along with you. A home where his imprint is evident and where everything makes you think of him is more beautiful and welcoming. Love makes elegant.