The event

BFM-Best Friends Milano

The event

Surprise yourself, discover BFM-Best Friends Milano!

A rich schedule of events, demos, workshops and talk shows will finally provide the answers to the questions we have always asked ourselves: how to improve our relationship with our pets, but above all, how best to handle them.

Our Mission

Bestfriends means best friends.
In fact, best friends, forever.

And that is precisely our philosophy: aiming to improve and simplify the relationship between humans and their beloved pets. Thanks to BFM-Best Friends Milano you will experience experiences, emotions, theoretical and practical training moments, workshops and engaging demos.

In short... there will be no time for boredom!



All united by a single well-being

If pets are doing well, pet lovers are doing well and vice versa, all with respect for the planet.




Our logo

Our logo is a heart and a footprint fused together because all the protagonists of this event have one common denominator: they are pet lovers, they love animals, they love what they do for them. This is the meeting point, the necessary step. The logo is a heart enclosing the M of Milan, with an imprint: it evokes the love, affection, empathy of a consolidated daily coexistence, urban and otherwise, between millions of families and as many pets, in our homes.

The city, our life and animals

Stylised animals like kaleidoscopes are in the foreground against a background representing the historical skyline of Milan. ANIMALS ARE IN THE foreground, reminding us of the social transformation taking place in the last 15 years, with the conquest of rights that have included animals, sentient beings, in the Italian Constitution.

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