Why visit

BFM-Best Friends Milano

Why visit

What will you find at BFM-Best Friends Milano?

Obviously, everything for Pet Mates! There are so many pet owners, to whom BFM-Best Friends Milano dedicates the event structuring it in 5 macro-areas, in workshops and talks. Each thematic area designed for you and your pet.


There is no show that can be held when they, the four-legged creatures, are on the field!


BFM-Best Friends Milano, three days of demonstrations that will range over the most incredible activities that a dog can perform in the company of its human. BFM-Best Friends Milano will demonstrate this by surprising you. We will see the pets try their hand at disco dog; we will discover them engaged in rescues to the limit, with the hero dogs we will fall in love with; we will understand the importance of play that becomes agility in a passionate race suggested by the handler; we will discover what it means for a blind person to have a guide dog by their side. And much more. In short, we will experience the passion that is unleashed when we have an animal at our side.



A pet changes our lives, for the better! For him we have become more demanding, we look for original accessories, that speak of us, to reward a unique relationship. The BFM-Best Friends Milano stands are an opportunity to make special, targeted purchases.


From leashes to toys, from coats to durable technical material that is resistant to little jaguars, to furnishing details for a pet-friendly home: the exhibitors will amaze us with the beauty of their products and the quality of made in Italy.

Let's give a present or give it to our best friend's pet, considering that Christmas is near...


Our pet is the first real influencer. His day is punctuated by behaviour, he always comes up with something new and fun to share with us. At BFM-Best Friends Milano an unmissable photobooth could not be missing, on different themes and ready to post on social networks.


Time may pass, but the best memories remain and stand out from all the others for the affection they convey.


Let's circulate our happiness!




What could be more exciting than parading side by side with our pet on a beautiful pet carpet, all to ourselves?


It doesn't matter if your pet is small, big, funny, resourceful, or reserved: what matters is that he is your best friend. And he deserves to be seen and appreciated on the biggest pet carpet ever at an event.


There will be prizes for everyone, with unique and fun categories. Your heart will beat fast as you perform with him, because you will be unique and unforgettable will be the moment when you are the centre of attention, admired for the strong bond that unites you.


That's being a champion! And with the category; such and such, i.e. the pet lover most equal to his pet... we'll see some great things!!!


Play, wellness, care, education, nutrition - these are just some of the themes we will find in the workshop area of BFM-Best Friends Milano. But to start with, we put fun first, because it will really help us to learn effortlessly.


Play is a fundamental part of an animal's life: it strengthens relationships, gives confidence, releases energy properly, keeps its brain busy, educates it to listen to us, to have us as a point of reference and not to get distracted. In other words, it builds and strengthens the focus on us.


This workshop is really a must for every petmate. Play is the secret to a well-behaved and serene pet. We will have an extra gear.



How often do we say that our pet does not listen to us! But what if it was us who didn't know how to listen to him? BFM-Best Friends Milano offers you a unique opportunity: thanks to the presence of dog educators and feline behaviour consultants, we will learn how to take the first steps with our pet in the right way, to answer doubts and needs for a serene cohabitation.


We will be listened to and invited to try out free of charge the most important basic commands for the dog, to safely enjoy our outings or the pleasure of spending free time at home and outdoors with the family pets, as well as receiving personalised advice for a cat-friendly home.


He is the first friend our pet encounters on his path in the family.


He is the veterinary doctor, the most important guarantee of his and our well-being: from the first vaccine he is at our side, for life. He always tells us the best therapy, the tailor-made diet, because he is the animal scientist.


Let us consult him with confidence, let us not rely on 'do-it-yourself'. This is why the National Federation of the Order of Veterinary Doctors, Fnovi, is at BFM-Best Friends Milano proposing various activities in the workshops, including the Junior Patent.


Wellness passes through knowledge, right from the school benches. This is why Fiera Milano wanted to give importance to the months preceding the arrival of BFM-Best Friends Milano 2023. Schools will be the first protagonists in the countdown to the event. In the autumn, the pupils will be involved in playful-educational activities related to the world of pets, they will be invited to describe their pet (or the one they would like to have as a companion), they will tell us what they like most about a pet, they will be able to make mini-videos on how they enjoy themselves together with their pet and they will draw it.


They will name a kitten or small dog looking for a family. The course will be rewarded with a beautiful BFM 2023 certificate, in a morning entirely dedicated to schools.


The presence of animals in our homes is becoming more and more frequent. There are about 9 million dogs, and they help so many children in their growth. Veterinary doctors have therefore decided to start with the youngest with a training and education course aimed at primary schools and families. Through entertaining YouTube modules and an easy-to-download application, either in the classroom or at home with the parents, you will be taught the secrets to learn how to manage your pet at home, play with him and recognize his moods, needs and times. At the end, on passing a test, you will be awarded the beautiful personalized 'Junior Patentino' diploma.


Did you know that water educates and re-educates a dog? In water you can teach a pet to relax, tensions melt away, conflicts and insecurities can be reduced until they disappear.


Water is a great educator and is also play and relationship with your pet mate.


At BFM-Best Friends Milano you will find a way to experience the first gradual entry into the pool, without ever straining your dog. Did you know that among the behaviors considered normal for a dog, in addition to digging, sleeping, jumping, there is also swimming?


We look forward to a fun splash with your beloved pet!



Sudden commitments do not allow us to take care of our pet's daily well-being as we would like?


We must prepare him or her for the correct separation, without trauma, and start a placement in a suitable, welcoming facility run by professionals.


In the BFM-Best Friends Milano workshops there will be a space dedicated to this experience, to receive advice on how to manage and approach our pet to this important step in his life. He will understand that we are not abandoning him. He will be able to enjoy the game together with his peers.


How can I choose the right animal for me? Will it be a purebred or a mixed animal? Or an exotic animal? Is it a rabbit or a bird? And how should I feed it? Can I feed it with ready-made food or with home cooking? What is the difference between a complete food and a complementary food? We have already realised that at BFM-Best Friends Milano we will leave prepared, like in a small "academy" between real friends. That's why there will be three days of talks with expert guests to talk about the topics that are closest to our hearts. We will get to know pet therapy, assisted intervention with animals, up close; we will discover all the faces of wellbeing, starting with new rights, to get to grips with behavioral problems with educators and vets; we will talk with associations about the phenomenon of abandonment but also about the beauty of adoption. We will go "at the table" for our pets, with the best cutting-edge wellness brands, but also discover new trends with dog chefs and pet cake designers. We will enter the world of the forest to talk about exotic animals and small wild animals.

Finally, we will address the topic of where to travel with your pet. Moving around, going on holiday with our pets has become a necessity. It is normal to be together every day of the year, a holiday is no holiday without them. How best to orient ourselves we will discover together during the talks!

Who you will meet at the event